Hurricane Sandy – Emergency/Disaster Plan

Dear Clients:

First, I hope that everyone is well and that your families and homes are safe.

All of our Hosted PBX clients are unaffected.  Our primary data center is located out of state and was selected because it was in an area that could never flood.

For our “traditional telephone system” clients in Lower Manhattan that are without power or that have no service because of flooded basements, we can provide you with temporary emergency service via our Hosted PBX solution.  You will be able to have your providers remotely call forward your main telephone number to the temporary number we provide.  (The same is true for your fax lines- we can provide you with an eFax account)

As an alternative, if your cellular telephones are still working (mine is not- Sprint towers appear to be down in my area) you can have your calls forwarded to your cellular.  But please note that this will limit you to two inbound telephone calls and the third call will most likely get a busy signal.


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