Post-Hurricane Sandy Telecom Update

Dear Clients: Due to severe flooding during hurricane Sandy thousands of business customers have been left without telephone service. As the expression goes- a picture is worth a thousand words:

Verizon's 140 West Street Facility during height of the storm

Verizon’s 140 West Street Facility during height of the storm

Many of the major data centers that house New York’s and quite frankly, the nation’s communications carriers are located in Lower Manhattan.  These centers are prepared for most disasters.  They have battery and generator back-up, they have redundant service feeding them and they are designed to service most natural and manmade disasters.  In this case, hurricane Sandy’s wrath was overwhelming.  It is our understanding that water is rushing in to the basement of several of these facilities faster than the water pumps can get it out.

Our sources tell us that the majority of service that is down will continue to be down until Monday.  This is affecting dozens of carriers including Verizon, Paetec/Windstream, and other carriers. It is also affecting the ability to have inbound calls forwarded to another number.

In addition, power is still down for most of Lower Manhattan posing a different problem for businesses with offices located South of 39th Street.

We are working hard to provide our clients with alternatives.  One alternative is to provide them with SIP telephone service off of our Hosted PBX platform and provide them with temporary telephone numbers.  In the case of customers affected by service outages we have had to provide them with new, temporary numbers.  But if the service itself is unaffected but you are down due to power issues this solution would allow you to have your inbound calls forwarded to the temporary number we assign and you can make and receive calls.

For more photos, video and information you can read the article that appeared in the November 1, 2012 edition of the Wall Street Journal.

For additional photos showing the efforts to restore service by WindStream/Paetec at their facility at 75 Broad Street please go to their news site here.


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